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Remember sending CVs via FAX?

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I have been in recruitment and sales since 2001 and I joined recruitment on the dark side as an internal sales recruiter for a local direct marketing company, if I am honest I didn’t even know what recruitment was or how it worked. I was managing the recruitment days and assessments as well as recruiting internally through word of mouth; we didn’t have LinkedIn or any social media sites then and had only just started using emails.

I was then head hunted by the one of the agencies to work in a 360 role whereby I would be managing the contact centres –again didn’t really understand how that worked. I was dealing with new clients, this involved meeting with prospective candidates in the local job centres, taking doughnuts to all the sales staff I had placed that week, waiting outside competitor clients to poach candidates - it was such a glamorous job!!

The main part of my role was new business, that in the beginning surprisingly didn’t involve cold calling, I had to resource 5 candidates per week and type up their CV and send it by fax to new and existing clients and sit patiently for the fax to buzz with a yes or no to meet the candidate – it was such a nerve racking feeling when the fax did go, we even spoke to candidates and then waited to receive their CV and application by post  - wow how times have changed or maybe not

This was a great role where I was able to run a full 360 sales desk for internal sales, on a Tuesday and Thursday we had a cold calling day where you had to pick a Business park in the area and walk around, sneak into buildings when the security guard wasn’t looking and physically knock on clients doors to see if they needed help with recruiting, don’t knock it I made a lot of placements from it!!

After 3 years in High Street recruitment, I decided to take the plunge into IT sales Recruitment where I knew nothing about IT except for how to turn a computer on.

I was given an opportunity to set up an internal division where I would place graduates and 2nd jobbers into the IT and Telecommunication sectors.

I placed numerous candidates in different roles; I was used to making 70 cold calls per day and meeting with candidates to discuss their exciting new opportunities.

I am now working for Genesis and the main reason I joined was the vision and beliefs they have for recruitment, I am now growing a team of graduates to build the internal division, however with us being in the 21st century I don’t think they will be using fax!!

Does anyone know what a fax is?! It’s the machine in the corner of your office that is gathering dust as nobody uses it, not sure it’s even plugged in.

I think anyone joining recruitment now, will have fantastic resources – they certainly won’t have to receive CV’s by post or use a fax – now we have everything!!

From using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for Social Media which is our main source, to up to date database’s, Digital Advertising, to video streaming and blogs.

I suppose the fact I am writing this now shows how times have changed, this will be something I will be doing regularly and will not only post funny stories but industry knowledge and information to help candidates who are looking for work.

I think even though the roles were a little different and times have changed in 10 years, there is one thing that stays the same that Recruitment may have changed but the goal is still the same, whether I am waiting for a fax to calling a client, to meeting candidates in local job centres to visiting clients in the UK and Europe.  

Recruitment isn’t rocket science all you need is a committed client a great candidate a lot of perseverance and drive = a placement

I and anyone in recruitment still want the same outcome which is to help people find right the job and not just any job.

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  • Posted by Felipe, 26 June 2015 03.30GMT

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