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Flexible Working - Why this works for me.....

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  • Associate Director

I have been in recruitment for 12 years, the very thought of it makes me shudder, but the fact is that I still thoroughly enjoy it, in fact would go as far as to say that I love it. Over those 12 years it’s fair to say a great deal has changed, for me personally life has changed massively and certainly my drivers and aspirations are very different to what they were all those years ago, luckily Genesis has evolved with me since I joined and I am fortunate enough now to be in a senior position in a great business that now offers my the perfect work life balance.

When I started with Genesis nearly seven years ago my only thought was to take advantage of their commission structure, carry on billing and earn as much money as possible, holiday a lot and enjoy myself as much as possible, of course I had career aspirations but I wanted to live my life and have as much fun as possible. 

As with all experienced and successful recruiters it didn’t just happen overnight, I have had to cut my teeth cold calling, working till 20:00 every night of the week.  The truth is I have worked bloody hard to build up my client base and to finally find myself in the fortunate position that I find myself in today, I know my market well, I know that my clients trust and want to work with me, I don’t have to battle for business and being honest I enjoy the benefits of that.

Let’s make it very clear I do still care about my career, I have over the years had the options to take what many will see as the natural route of progression and go down a more management based position, I have and believe still have the opportunity to be a business unit director, but I wanted something different.

My life has changed a great deal from joining 7 years ago, of course I still love a wild night out with the occasional Jager Bomb (I am a still a recruiter) but I wanted flexibility within my position, the options to go down a management route would always be there, but right now I don’t want to work late or build a team, I want something totally different I want flexibility in fact I want to be at work less.  Of course I still want to be recognised as a senior person within the business and my opinion to be valued, also want to be recognised as a top performer and rewarded accordingly, my Associate Director role allowed me just that, but with the change of priorities I also wanted something new, flexibility.

Luckily as I have grown so has Genesis, 7 years ago this would have been unheard of, but as I have said Genesis has evolved and now allows me just that flexibility.

I know exactly what my target is every period, this doesn’t vary or be continually “revised” based on me over performing, basically I know every period, I don’t have to work till late, I am trusted to get on with my business, whilst I have support when required I enjoy a huge amount of autonomy, I am trusted to deliver, more so as I am now ahead of my year to date invoicing target I am able to work from home each Friday, which is a fantastic benefit for me as it allows me to see more of my wife and daughter, go for walks, go swimming and enjoy the odd sneaky real ale along the way!

Right now this really works for me, gives me great works life balance as well as feeling valued in a business without closing any doors to future career opportunities……. Happy Days!!

Craig Austin

Associate Director


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