The Genesis Approach

How we source talent

Recruitment is not just about gut instinct anymore.

To find the very best talent out there, we use a scientific approach.

Phase 1 - Sourcing

We take a multi-channeled approach because this is the only way to find the best candidate in the market, not just on the market.


20% Advertising

We advertise on international job boards, work with niche communities and leverage print to get vacancies featured in all the right places.


10% Referral

We offer up to £1000 as part of our referral scheme because we know our exceptional candidates have their own networks.


14% Database

Between our own candidate database and our access to exclusive national networks, we have access to over 3 million CVs.


25% Headhunting

By name gathering through networking and checking online profiles, we identify the people with the skills we need and approach them directly.


2% Networking

We regularly sponsor and attend awards, events and expos, from the UK Packaging Awards to the Construction and Engineering Expo.


29% Social

A large part of recruitment now lies in engaging jobseekers across social channels and we do this by regularly creating and sharing insightful content.

Our fully-integrated approach targets every type of jobseeker from active to passive

Our fully-integrated approach targets every type of jobseeker from active to passive


are active jobseekers, responsive to every channel


are semi-active jobseekers who respond to adverts, headhunting and social


are passive jobseekers who only respond to headhunting and referrals


are semi-passive jobseekersthat respond to social, networking, headhunting and referrals

By using every approach in our recruitment process, we have access to the entire market, enabling us to find the right people for our clients.

Phase 2 - Selection

Sourcing well is one thing, but how we select the right people is what makes us the best. Excellent recruitment is simple, it’s about balancing subjectivity with objectivity.


We pride ourselves on the science of our selection, offering free psychometric profiling to every client. Companies can select the specific profile they’re looking for and the test indicates whether the candidate in question has these qualities.

These psychometric profiles are bespoke to clients’ individual requirements and include a free interview guide, which helps you and your team make better decisions. Read more on the benefits of psychometric testing we offer here.

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Our consultants have the experience and insight to support the science behind our selection process. They can’t explain how, but they know what you need.

Assessment days allow us to find the person that’s right for your company. We’ll come to your office and help streamline candidates to choose the person who’s right for you.

Our combination of subjective and objective decisions throughout the selection process mean that just 1 in 10 of the very best candidates make it through to the final stage.

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Phrase 3 - Presenting

Our selection process is thorough but we always put at least three candidates we feel are right forward for a role.

Our team check the candidate’s cultural fit and skills before creating an objective write up.

We create a ‘talent pack’ on every candidate, which gives clients all the information they need to make the right decision. The pack includes:


Talent Pack

We know choosing the right person is about much more than a CV and look to help the interview process however we can.

Phase 4 - Engaging our database

Having a large database is great, but the key to sourcing excellent candidates is keeping this pool engaged and constantly expanding.

  • Sharable content

    Sharing content that is engaging, informative and thought provoking works; 60% of the people coming to us from social weren’t actively looking for a role

  • Candidate AND client surveys

    Candidate and client surveys as part of the online experience grab attention and let people know that we’re more than just a recruiter.

  • Twitter Engagement

    While LinkedIn is currently outperforming other channels, we know that engaging candidates on Twitter will be the key to sourcing the best candidates in the future.

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