It's not what we do, it's how we do it that matters

In today’s world many business come up with mission and vision statements, and sometimes they can be seen as  a cliché or gimmick; this is especially true in organsations that don’t live up to their own values.

Without a shared vision, how can everyone be pulling in the same direction, after all, depending on your job function you will have you own set of unique tasks and duties. The Genesis vision helps everyone to understand how their individual role is part of the bigger picture.

Genesis Vision

“To connect people and opportunities"

Connecting people and opportunities is what we do, both externally but also internally as well. We know that great people crave great opportunities and that great opportunities demand great people and we’ve made it out mission to be that link.

Genesis Values

We don’t believe in having a long list of do’s and don’t’s, great people don’t work like that, simply following step by step instructions. We believe that great people enjoy autonomy and the opportunity to be creative when looking at customer solutions. Our guiding values provide a framework that our people can operate within to make their own decisions.  

  • Respect
  • Urgency
  • Belief
  • Accountability
  • Dedication

After all it was our people who came up with these, therefore it's no surprise that they live and breathe them every day.

Employee Engagement

Whether or not you have a vision and values in place, how do you know whether your people are engaged with your business, how do they really feel about your organisation as a whole and what you are trying to achieve? 

Disengaged employees are not just unproductive but can be damaging to a culture and its performance. It is amazing what you can learn, if you simply provide the right forum for people to give feedback, or air their views and feelings. 

One very effective method is to conduct your own "Employee Engagement" surveys. At Genesis we run these every six months and then communicate the findings and actions to our staff; this process was instrumental in achieving our Gold Award for Investors in People.

If you havent done these before, Genesis will produce a bespoke Employee Engagement Survey for you and your business. We can, if you wish, distribute this to your employees, collate the results and talk you through the findings; all of this we would do for no charge. View an example by clicking here

We strive to be much more than just an introduction service; we are an employment consultancy and employee engagement is a crucial piece of the bigger picture. Talk to us about how we can help. 


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Having a Vision and Values transformed this business, they gave us a real sense of identity and was the catalyst in driving our business to the next level

- Patrick Bell, Genesis Director

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