OUR APPROACHWe make it our business to not conform to the recruitment script

  • The Consultative Approach

The Consultative Approach is a component-based methodology developed by Genesis which all our employees work within.

Partnerships should exist between the business as well as the individuals and at Genesis we have made it our mission to deliver the same high standards of quality and consistency across all sectors, divisions and consultants. This led to the creation of our “Consultative Approach Methodology”. 

This universal approach is not restricted to specific sectors or industries; it can be applied to any role, in any business, region or country. This method also provides clear benchmarks and deliverables, allowing clients and Genesis to measure performance and identify continuous improvements.

We have summarised The Consultative Approach cycle below, to find out more about this works in practice, contact us today.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE INDEXINGWe want your scores out of 10

All of our customers are surveyed and give us a score out of 10 for each completed assignment. We looking for continuous improvement and develop our service so that it fulfils the expectations of our clients and candidates

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CONVERSION RATIOSWe turn the numbers into a better service for your business

One of the key reasons we are so successful is our understanding and measurement of our conversion ratios. This helps to clearly pinpoint where service or individuals are efficient, and where there are opportunities improve. In turn this shapes our training and development as our success is focussed on the quality of what we do, not just quantity.

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