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Psychometric testing in Action

If you’ve ever hired somebody or applied for a role, you’ll already have experienced the gap that exists in traditional recruitment. Between an application and an interview, there’s a void of information and until this is bridged businesses will continue to hire qualified but unsuitable people. Psychometric testing is one way to narrow this divide, if not close it altogether.

Have you ever wondered what a psychometric test is or ruled out using them due to the costs? Maybe you’re more interested in how they work or what impact they can have on recruitment, company culture and staff retention. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for answers.

What is a Psychometric Test?

Whether they happen alongside an application or on the day of an interview, psychometric tests are used to measure personality and ability. Through the answers to both simple and more advanced questions, the test results can be used to interpret a person’s character, capability and motivations. They provide valuable insights into the human mind, but how do they do it?

The advantages of Psychometric Testing

Whether to help filter through large volumes of applicants or screen current employees, psychometric tests can objectively and quickly discover if a person’s traits and talents are suitable. Find out how they can impact on company culture, candidate quality and employee retention when used to reinforce traditional recruitment methods.

Most of the companies that use psychometric assessments see a measurable uplift in employee retention.

Simon Kerevan, Iceberg Consulting

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The different kinds of Psychometric Tests

It’s difficult to accurately measure personality and capability from a CV or one-off interview. The different kinds of psychometric tests can focus on just about any area, from numerical reasoning to the verbal and deductive. Available online or on paper, on the day itself or in advance, discover the various types of psychometric assessments.

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5 common misconceptions about psychometric testing

Psychometric tests are often misunderstood. Their reliability and usefulness are sometimes questioned but these are usually myths or beliefs based on bad experiences. Read more to uncover the facts behind the common worries that people on both sides of the test hold, including their costs, the required time and concerns over cheating.

Far from taking away the decision making person, these tests enhance the decision making process.

Patrick Bell, Genesis Associates

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