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What are psychometric tests and how can they help with recruitment?

Hiring staff who are not only qualified for the role but are also a great company and culture fit can be a difficult task, it is a process that is time consuming, sometimes subjective and at risk of mishandling.

Psychometric tests can help to reduce these effects and increase the chance of successful hires.

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  • 90 seconds explaining why to choose Genesis

    90 second animation explaining why to choose Genesis

  • Do Traditional Interviews Work?

    Patrick talks about how interviews have changed for both the candidate and the employer.

  • How has the job market changed?

    Genesis Associates discusses how the job market has changed over the past two years.

  • Assessment Days with Ben

    At Genesis we like to do things a little differently, Ben discusses our assessment day process.

  • Ben's Assessment Day Tips

    If you're going to be attending one of our assessment days, check out Ben's tips before hand.

  • Ben

    Ben talks about why he joined Genesis.

  • David

    David talks about which skills have helped him with his job at Genesis as a recruiter

  • Interview Tips - How to prepare for an interview

    How to prepare for an interview - Tips from Craig, our Associate Director at Genesis.

  • Interview Tips - How to stand out

    Ever wondered how to stand out at an interview? Let us show you how in 35 seconds.

  • Interview Tips - Asking for Feedback

    Should I ask for feedback at Interview stage? When should I get back in contact wiith an interviewee? 

  • Interview Tips - What should you take to an interview?

    Your one minute guide to what you should take to an interview

  • Interview Tips - Post interview advice

    More tips on what to do post interview - when do you call for feedback?

  • Interview Tips - Preparation take 2!

    Our second insight into how to prepare for an interview

  • Why do clients use Genesis again and again?

    Answering why clients return to Genesis.

  • Karen

    Talking to Karen from Genesis who describes her career path and what it looks like 

  • The Packaging Sector

    Carol talks to us about The Packaging Sector.

  • The Sales Sector

    Ed talks to us about The Sales Sector.

  • The Genesis Culture - Part 1

    An introduction to the Genesis culture.

  • The Genesis Culture - Part 2

    An introduction to the Genesis culture.

  • Training and Development

    An introduction to training and development at Genesis.

  • What does Genesis stand for?

    An overview of Genesis's morals, values and aims.

  • What does the future look like?

    A look at where Genesis are heading in the future.

  • What makes Genesis different? - Part 1

    An overview of what makes Genesis different.

  • What makes Genesis different? - Part 2

    An overview of what makes Genesis different.