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Being aware of compliance issues in the water treatment industry

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Compliance with health and safety regulations should be a key consideration for anyone buying water treatment equipment; a non-compliant boiler could end up becoming a bomb, while non-compliant cooling equipment can end up as a breeding ground for Legionnaire's Disease. It is increasingly vital for salespeople to be aware of the detail of the regulations and how their equipment helps businesses to meet them, in order to sell to a customer base that is becoming ever more informed about health and safety.

A recent report from the Food Standards Agency has highlighted the fact that an increasing proportion of the public are aware of the hygiene standards that are enforced on restaurants and other eating places. Their survey found that 82% of the public said they were aware of the standards in force. 39% said that hygiene certificates were a good way of checking that an establishment meets these standards, while 29% cited hygiene stickers as a means of ensuring that hygiene standards were being followed.

Commenting on the FSA report, Phillipa Atkinson-Clow of the British Water Cooler Association said, "With eight out of 10 respondents reported being aware of the hygiene standards in places they eat out at or buy food from, we are conscious that people may wish to know that the water they are drinking is also subject to top hygiene standards. BWCA membership provides that reassurance for users of water coolers."

Aside from the hygiene implications of running a non-compliant cooler or boiler, equipment that isn't compliant is likely to be less efficient than equipment that is operating in line with regulations. Water coolers can become furred up with limescale, which will make them more expensive to run. Selling compliant goods and services helps to save customers money.

For salespeople who are dealing with equipment for the treatment of effluent water, compliance issues are of vital importance. Fines of £125,000 were imposed on South West Water recently for incorrectly handling effluent. A key part of selling treatment equipment and services is to help businesses to avoid making a similarly costly mistake.

Using the correct treatment processes on site can also help reduce the bills that companies end up paying to water treatment companies. This is due to the fact that effluent treatment firms tend to charge more for cleaning badly polluted water than for less dirty water.

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