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Three ways to stay on top of your sales game

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Sales is one of those industries where it pays to be on top of your game. There are so many different sites offering advice on which techniques work, to use predominately sales or return to the traditional selling, so with all this noise, here’s three ways that I think you can seal the deal every time.

1.Social Media

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but social media absolutely has to be a top priority in your sales process. It’s been proved time and time again that people who use social media when selling bring in higher sales and exceed their quota much more often than those who don’t.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have been the most effective to increase sales, but they’re the best when used in tandem to boost your brand, share your content and engage with customers. Social networks allow you to build relationships with potential customers before they’ve even considered buying your product, a network that you can develop and grow to the point where they trust you enough to purchase your offering.


This is closely associated with social media, where the focus of successful sales is not to call as many people as you can in a working day, but rather establish a loyal brand that customers trust.

Through attendance at events, paid advertising and consistent messaging across your social, website and external channels, you’re able to build your company’s image and attract new people to your business.

What’s more, marketing means that you’ll stand out above competitors who haven’t focused on boosting their brand, which means your company is more likely to be found when customers are searching for a product or service.


When there are targets to meet and potential prospects to reach out to, it does seem like time is money. Although this is true, your time could be used to make more money by spending a couple of days a month developing your skills and techniques.

Learning about the latest sales approaches, attending conferences and just simply getting feedback from senior managers means that your taking time to improve and enhance your sales process, which will always deliver results.

Fundamentally, to bring in the most sales and deliver the right results, you need to research, develop and adapt so that you’re the company that people want to buy from every time. 

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