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Common objections to technology in sales and how to overcome them

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The process of selling has come a long way since door-to-door sales with new technology being integrated into the sales process on an almost a weekly basis.

While technology such as CRM systems and social media are meant to make the sales process smoother and more efficient, many are reluctant to use them. Whether this is a result of more traditional training, a lack of time or the belief that these tools are a way for management to track their actions, there are a few objections that sales people have to technology.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Making calls all day, it is so easy to lose track of who you’ve called and what their response was. The idea behind the Customer Relationship Management System or CRM, is to be a database where every call can be logged and commented on, so that you know how long to leave it before a follow-up call or whether they’re a solid lead for your product.

When every sale counts towards getting that bonus, employees want to be making as many calls as possible but logging information can be time consuming. As a result, recording these important details can get overlooked in the place of making a few extra sales calls a day.

However, with practice, logging this information won’t take any time at all as systems are constantly improving to make the recording process as simple as possible. The danger is that by failing to log essential information about prospects, you could lose out on the follow up call that would secure the deal.

An issue sales people have with CRM systems is the worry that senior managers are tracking what they’re doing. This is not the case, as these systems are a way to make your sales process more efficient and give your team a greater insight into where you’re at with every prospect.

One of the biggest issues with salespeople not implementing the CRM system is a lack of technological skill. In an industry where confidence is key, it is very difficult for people to admit that they’re not sure how to use this technology. To overcome this, managers need to get better at training their staff on these systems and ensuring that everyone understands.

Social media

With a significant 79% of sales people using social media outperforming those that don’t, social networks need to be part of how you generate and close leads. Unfortunately only 31% of people admit to using social media when they’re selling which shows a clear area that can be improved on.

Unfortunately, the biggest reason that salespeople fail to use social media is because they don’t know how, from the best approach to the most appropriate platform. The key to resolving this is simply re-education and better training. A recent study found that those using social media increased to 74% following training and development in this new sales field.


Technology is always there to simplify the sales process and make it more efficient, so that you can spend more time generating leads and closing deals. With better training and leadership from the top, nothing should hold you back when it comes to selling. 

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