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Working with the right recruiter?

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If we're all honest, finding a new job is exhausting. From making sure your CV is great, to finding the right roles to apply for, to making an impact in an interview, the process is packed full of stress and nerves.

One way to make everything a little bit easier - in theory - is to work with a recruiter. Recruiters should be able to offer you advice on maximising the impact of your CV, introduce you to exciting potential employers and guide you through the interview process - and do it all for free. However, as I'm sure you've all experienced, not every recruitment consultant will provide you with such a good experience.

So how can you avoid this? If you have a good CV, from the moment your profile hits the job boards you're likely to receive more than a few calls from agencies saying they have the right job for you. With so much choice, picking the best ones to engage with can seem difficult, but being able to look out for key signs of a good recruiter is a big help.

I have compiled a list of what I think you should expect from a recruiter if they're going to help you land the perfect role:


  1. Attention to Detail - One of the first clues as to whether a recruiter is one to work with is how they handle their initial conversation with you, and specifically how they identify what it is you're looking for. If you're going to find the best role for you, it's important your recruiter has as much detail on your requirements as possible. They more time they spend talking to you, and the more questions they ask, the more they have to compare potential opportunities against.
  1. Honesty - It's highly likely that at some point you'll be called by an agency about a particular role, and after a bit of talking it becomes clear to either or both parties that it's not quite right. A good recruiter will be honest enough to admit that it's not the right fit, rather than trying to talk you into it. Similarly, if you're interested in a role you don't quite fit the bill for, the consultant should be able to explain why you can't progress instead of avoiding the conversation. Above all else, recruiters should always discuss opportunities with you before sending your CV to the client for consideration.
  1. Accepting a "No" - The only person who knows exactly what you want in a new role is YOU. There are plenty of agencies out there who will work with you to find a role that ticks your boxes - you don't need to work with the ones who will put pressure on you to go for something you don't like the sound of. If they won't accept a "no", don't give them a "yes".
  1. Regular Contact - Any agency serious about placing candidates will make sure to give you regular updates in regards to your applications. Even if it's to let you know about a lack of updates, your consultant should keep in contact until the process is over.
  1. Support & Guidance - There's not that much benefit in working with an agency if they're not going to add anything to your job hunt. Look out for the ones who will provide heaps of company info, interview tips and fully explain to you what you need to do to be successful.

The list could go on, but if you find a recruiter who can demonstrate the above, they're more than likely worth working with.


Remember, recruiters are the experts. Make sure they prove it.

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  • Posted by Mark Rice, 16 May 2017 19.25GMT

    A good read Sarah. Some very basic but sound advice - they key of which is summed up in finding the right recruiter for you. Sadly some recruiters forget that we're working on behalf of the candidate; and that it's the candidate's career and therefore their needs that should remain paramount in any search. Getting that right will make for a better, more lasting, placement all round.

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