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I started with Genesis Associates in March 2014, this was probably one of the best decisions I had made in my short recruitment career.

Recruitment started for me in 2012 after I was in telesales, I had no idea where I wanted my career to go, do I go to university or do I start earning money full time. A friend of mine started in recruitment and told me this would be a great career path for me. So obviously I pursued this.

I started out working for a global recruitment company doing temporary recruitment, after a year I realised this was not the sort of company I wanted to be with… I wasn’t happy. There was no structure in my career with them, there were a lot of office politics, there wasn’t a clear recruitment path, my training came to a holt once the first initial stuff was done when I started, I just didn’t see myself working there for a long period of time.

So I went on the hunt for a new role and this is where I landed the role of a rec2rec consultant. The company was much smaller company, a big shock from working in a company that had thousands of employees to a company that had 3 employees. Initially I thought this was the right choice, I would get a lot more one on one time with training, and as I didn’t need do any business development I would be able to concentrate on actually finding good candidates. However the role did not work out for me as I had liked it to, due to the company being small regular training sessions were not something that was possible, the database was smaller and I had no real experience working on LinkedIn or headhunting I was miserable. The next challenge I found was the fact not many recruiters like Rec2Recs, as it is given a bad name throughout the industry, broken promises, cv’s being sent without candidates consent, and I found this was a daily battle, along with the little training I was given. It made me miserable my day was the same day in day out which is not usual for recruitment.

 I was working with some really good companies I was finding that there were companies that would fit my needs a little more, more structure with my day, more training, bigger office environment, incentives, and also peers that I could relate to and have something in common with. Now don’t get me wrong the guys I worked with were great, I just couldn’t see myself working there for the rest of my life, I wanted a company that was established with a good sized office, that had goals to expand and grow,  and where I can stay for a long time. As I was finding recruitment consultants for my clients I would mentally tick and cross off the sort of company I did want to work for, because I didn’t really have huge experience in recruitment and I was not really clued up on who’s who in the recruitment world until I worked as a Rec2Rec.

I met with a few clients face to face to work with and one always stood out to me, not only because I had a good relationship with them, also their values as a company, the experience that the senior members of staff had, the training that was given, the career progression and also the rewards that were given for the hard work of the consultant (and I’m not talking about a day trip to the beach were talking LAS VEGAS for just one of the many incentives that are going on) I met with them regarding a role they would want us as a Rec2Rec to work on, the role sounded amazing internal recruitment and also working on the marketing aspect of the company too! I was sat in the meeting thinking this role would be my ideal role, I found a few people and one of my candidates got to the final stages and she dropped out… (Annoying at the time but it would benefit me in the future) so they decided to put the role on hold for the time being until they were clear on what the actual role would entail.

Fast forwarding a month or so I had finally gave in and told my manager with regret I couldn’t work as a Rec2Rec any longer I wasn’t enjoying it and I didn’t think it was the career for me, he understood and even helped me find another role, luckily the company I have been referring to were still looking for consultants. I went down for the interview, I told them I wanted to start right from the beginning and be a resourcer and work my way up. Things were looking good, I got a great feel for the busy office environment, and the majority of the consultants were of similar age to me, it felt good to be in the office. It got me excited to do recruitment again after I thought my love for it had gone. So as the interview went on I met with my potential mentor spoke with her about her background and mine which were pretty much exactly the same, it made me feel at ease that there were some established consultants with a great career here with the same background as me, I felt positive… I wanted the job.

Then the MD came in and threw a spanner in the works, he spoke about THAT role, the one that I had an initial meeting about a month or so before, he told me about it, asked what my thoughts were and wanted to give me the night to think about it, he left and I carried on the interview with the director after about 10 minutes talking I told him I don’t need any more time to think about it, I want the internal role… and I got it! I had another meeting with the MD he wanted me to do a presentation (which I wanted to cry about!) on The Effects Social Media has on Recruitment , just to see what my work input was like, as this all happened so fast. I impressed him … as nervous as I was (to be honest I should of… I spent 7 hours on it!) After that I started the following Monday at Genesis Associates.

Every single thing I needed from a company I have, I have regular training sessions, I am involved with the marketing of the company, I have done presentations to the whole office about where we are heading with social media (As I have mentioned previously public speaking is not one of my fav things to do) and it didn’t bother me because I am passionate about my job scrap that I love my job, and I want to help grow the company, which I already have done by hiring 8 brilliant trainee consultants.

The rewards for just doing our job here are phenomenal, we have a trip to Las Vegas next year, we have had banquets in the office of Japanese and Spanish food, one afternoon we had a dynamo type magician in, every Pay Day we do Pay Day lottery which is really exciting there are so many more like Spa days, culinary cooking classes and even mystery events!

The training is great also, we have training internally and also we have professionals in the industry who come in and give us great training sessions. While I have been here I have seen a number of people being promoted, I don’t think I saw that once in the time I was with the bigger recruitment company and I was there for 1 year!

We are asked what our thoughts are on the way the company is run, we are given questionnaires to answer anonymously so that they can see what we as employees are concerned about so it can be addresses ( I wasn’t surprised that there wasn’t much that needed addressing). They actually care if we are happy.

Everyone here supports each other, you make a deal you ring the bell and everyone cheers like you have just finished a marathon it’s great, it boosts moral so much more knowing your whole office is behind you on your hard work!

Working here is great, we have structure with targets and kpi’s that need to be met, but you are not made to feel like you’re a money making machine at a desk, you are actually valued as an individual, the office has a great set up of not really feeling like every other office, we have a WII Sport which passes lunch times, and also office golf, we get fresh fruit every day so people are not snacking on sugary treats … WHY? Because we are valued and thought about and little touches like that is what I love about Genesis Associates and why this was the best decision I have ever made, I cannot speak highly enough of this place, I actually like Mondays, not in a million years would I ever think that would be something I would say! So if you’re thinking after reading this that you’re a bit jealous you don’t work here, you should be IT’S AWSOME

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  • Posted by Teto, 26 June 2015 06.02GMT

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