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On Wednesday 24th June we were honoured to be invited to the IIP – Investors in People – awards at the Tower of London.

The awards recognise companies that have a genuine interest in supporting their staff and helping them to achieve their goals whilst at the same time growing their business.

Investors in People is a prestigious award that is accredited to organisations that follow best practice in people management. It was initially set up by the UK government to help companies to get the best out of their people. Now it is an internationally recognised award that has been awarded to over 15,000 companies around the world.

Figure 1 Stuart, Patrick and Ed at the IIP Awards, Tower of London

This year, building on our success of being awarded the gold IIP badge last year, we were nominated in the ‘Best Newcomer (2-49)’ category. This category was only added this year and it fills the gap in recognising new businesses’ efforts in supporting their workforce to achieve their best.

We were privileged to be recognised for this award for investing in our staff and developing ‘home-grown’ talent. We believe whole-heartedly in this approach because if you don’t help your staff to get to where they want to go, you will never be able to reach your full potential as a business.

It was especially exciting to know that we were selected from over 400 entries to be listed in the top six for this award. We realise that in order to attract the best talent we have to be the best ourselves, this award recognises all the hard work that we have put in.

Unfortunately we didn’t leave with the trophy but it is still an amazing feat to get to where we are today. We plan to continue to keep investing in our people and to be bigger and better in the years to come. Hopefully we will go on to win this award and more, next year. 

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  • Posted by Susan Houseman, 08 July 2015 08.44GMT

    I used to work with Jenny........we were at the Tower too! Ribby Hall Village - Best IIp Gold award!

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