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Asia is the world’s largest and unsurprisingly most populated continent, which is home to over 4.4 billion people. Countries like China, Japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia are the most influential within Asia for their significant population and economic success. The large population is not spread evenly across the continent but is focused around these more developed countries. Asia has lots of opportunities for engineers because it is a manufacturing hub and the land is rich in natural resources such as petroleum and gas. There are a number of on shore and offshore sites on the southern side of Asia in the Pacific Ocean which account for almost 20% of the world’s active drilling feet.

Given the significant contribution Asia makes to the oil and gas industry, engineers who are specialists in oil and gas, construction and energy are in high demand. As an analytical or logical person you’ll be well suited to resolving any issues that may arise on an offshore site or an industrial project. Asia is well known for its manufacturing and is constantly developing its infrastructure so you could be involved in designing, planning and introducing the latest technologies as a civil or construction engineer. Although Asia harnesses the power of petroleum resources, they are looking for greener alternatives and require engineers to utilise their natural resources and implement renewable energy systems.

We are leaders in the recruitment industry because we understand the scale of the engineering industry and how important it is to secure the best talent to ensure its smooth running. Across Asia we have built lasting relationship with engineering leaders in order to provide our candidates with the best opportunities. At Genesis we get to know you and your skills so that we can find you the role best suited to your engineering personality.

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    London and South East , UK | £40,000 - £60,000

    JOB TITLE: Shared Service Engineer - Central GovernmentCHANNEL: Operations\Government Shared ServiceDIMENSIONS:1. Employees - N/A2. Payroll Op Expenses - N/A3. Budget - N/A4. Main Contacts - Govt Operations Lead, Shared Service Operations Manager, Operations Director.5. Specialist Knowledge - Avaya UC specialist, IT competent an... ...

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