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2015: A record breaking year for wind power

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When Cameron came to power last May there was concern about the wind power industry, as he proposed changes to the construction process which could have hindered progress.

However, latest figures released by the National Grid indicate that the wind industry is not just doing ok, it’s seriously outperforming previous years and has broken almost every record previously set.

Last year, wind energy supplied enough electricity to power more than 8.25 million homes, accounting for 30% of the energy supply for houses in the UK. What’s even better about this impressive figure is that it’s up from 6.7 million homes in the year before.

2015 saw the largest production of wind power to date and Dr Gordon Edge, the Director of Policy at RenewableUK commented that “the industry can be proud that it has shattered weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual generation records in 2015.”

The record breaking month last year was December which saw 17% of the UK’s energy, at a peak time of the year, supplied by wind power. Indeed, the coldest time of the year between October and December was the highest performing quarter in 2015, where 13% of the nation’s need for electricity was met by wind power.

While these figures are undoubtedly impressive, there is definitely room for this industry to keep on growing and supplying more of the UK with renewable, cleaner energy. As Gordon Edge explained, these figures “demonstrate why the government should continue to support wind energy, as we’re delivering our promise to keep Britain powered up. We can continue to increase the proportion of the nation’s electricity which we provide as we move away from fossil fuels to clean sources of power.”

Confidence in wind power does seem to be at an all-time high, with large companies continuing to invest in this valuable source of power. Swedish power giant, Vattenfall are continuing with their plans to build the 100MW Offshore Wind Farm at Aberdeen. Similarly, DONG Energy will invest a further £6 billion into the UK’s wind power industry with the conviction that the British government will continue to support it.

Trusting the success of wind power to only increase in the future, Brent Cheshire, the UK chairman for DONG Energy said “it was a concern that it took as long as it did [for ministers to recommit to offshore wind] but we have now got it. I think there is the clarity we need to commit to new investment.”


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