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How has engineering changed 3 months on from the election?

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While it is hard to believe the election was 3 months ago, big changes have already started happening in the field of engineering since Cameron and the Conservatives came to power.

The energy sector is a significant part of the engineering industry and has recently received extra attention as a result of Obama’s announcement of the new energy policy across America last Monday . He outlined new targets for the reduction of carbon emissions in every state in the US and explained how this will be achieved, taking a defiant stand against the issue of climate change.

The same cannot be said for the UK, where Cameron seems to have overlooked this burning issue in the place of other policies. If anything, progress has moved backwards in terms of meeting the demands of the Climate Change Act, as the government have cut some renewable energy projects and policies.

While confidence in Obama has increased as a result of the energy announcement because it will create more work for engineers, British companies are feeling concerned when it comes to developing our renewable energy sector.

Nuclear was another area where the Conservatives had big plans, but as yet it is still unclear whether the Hinckley Point Project will get the final go ahead. The hope is that the government see the potential in this nuclear site as its construction and operation will create more than 5,000 jobs in the UK.

Building new homes

Thankfully, Cameron and his government have committed themselves to their promise of building more new homes across the UK. Indeed, house building hit a four-month high in June following the election and this confidence is clear as 55% of people think that there will be an increase in activity for the construction industry over the next year.

Part of this is a result of Chancellor George Osborne’s new policy he announced last month which automatically grants permission to developers to build on appropriate, disused land. With this new protocol, more brownfield and industrial plots could quickly become development sites for housing communities with little fuss.

Since the end of 2009 more than 800,000 new homes have been built and this number will only increase with the introduction of this simpler construction legal process and the focus on help-to-buy schemes by the government.  

Demand for contractors and skilled workers across the construction industry is at an all-time high. Last year alone the sub-contractor charges rose at the highest rate since 1997.

The Conservatives may have inspired confidence in the construction industry, but a closer look at the energy industry reveals that there is still work to be done in order for this government to provide for engineers in all specialisms.


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