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The green horizon of power generation

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The industry for power generation has a unique position in the global economy – trends and developments are driven by changes in every other market and commercial sector across the world. The ‘boom or bust’ nature of business usually means that there will always be a number of regions with growing energy needs, and failing to meet power generation demands is simply unthinkable on both an economic and political level. With careful management and planning, businesses that are involved with power generation will always be able to take advantage of demand.

One of the most important political aspects is the need to reduce the environmental impact of power generation. Many governments are keen to not only throw funding at the problem, but to also be actively seen putting their weight behind clean and renewable types of energy. At the same time, there is a collective acceptance that fossil fuels still have a significant role to play and companies are able to take advantage of the gradual targets that are in place for the introduction of renewable energy. For instance, being able to offer carbon footprint reduction services to companies in the public eye will go a long way towards allowing them to fulfil their Corporate and Social Responsibility policies.

Companies associated with power generation should pay close attention to current market trends, as it cannot be denied that there are going to be healthy levels of demand for specific skills and knowledge in the near future. The aforementioned efforts to increase renewable energy output mean that organisations should be taking steps to expand their candidate databases with suitably qualified individuals. There is a lot to be said for university careers events, where it is possible to meet bright, talented people that are on the verge of graduating. By getting future industry leaders engaged at this initial stage, they will be ready to start once they have their diploma.

Nuclear power generation will always be a ‘political football,’ a perfect example of how one region’s loss is another one’s gain. German politicians have already decided to decommission their nuclear power facilities, and this allows other regional governments to expand their operations in this area. By paying close attention to regional power generation trends, companies in the Far East are already gaining from the decisions taken in Europe. The importance of keeping a close eye on events across the planet cannot be exaggerated.

As with most things, where there is demand there is opportunity. Knowledge of environmental responsibilities, skill demands and regional trends can result in better performance and improved results.

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