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UGL Mosanada

Facilities Management specialist with experience of handling large-scale assets in the GCC region. In particular in association with the Aspire Foundation and Qatar Olympic Committee.

We have been an active client for 2 years and this vacancy was called in from the Chief Operating Officer. The vacancy arose from a 5-Year Facilities Management contract at the Aspire Zone worth in excess of 230Million QAR.  The contract required increased staff numbers to manage the volume of work.

The main problem was that UGL Mosanada were using a consultancy to second staff to their team to deal with the contract, which came at significant expense and did not provide them with the business continuity they needed. The challenge was to find someone as quick as possible so that they did not have to extend the use of the consultancy.

The Vacancy

The vacancy was for a Senior Quantity Surveyor. The initial requirement of a chartered QS or a QS going through RICS. Also, they wanted someone who was immediately available and able to move to Qatar within 3-4 weeks.

Finding the right candidate

We previously had a face to face meeting with them in Qatar to understand the business unit. Then when the need arose for the SQS, we were able to conduct a conference call to understand the vacancy. We carried this out on an exclusive assignment - contingency basis.

This assignment revolved around Genesis tapping into our existing network of candidates by regenerating existing candidates and gaining referrals of those candidates that were active. These methods were specifically used, purely so we could meet the pressure point of immediately available candidates.

The Selection Process

Given the recruitment consultant working on the UGL Mosanada account is an ex QS, the client allowed us to fill their diary with 3 candidates without review. Once these three candidates had been interviewed, 1 candidate was identified to be offered and then mobilised on acceptance.

What were the agreed KPI's and SLA's?

3 profiles were sent in 3 days, interviews were to take place on day 4. An offer was made inside a week, such was the urgency of the position.


Albeit I am the COO (Mark Cooke) at Mosanada UGL, my background is Human Resources and Recruitment and so I therefore completely understand what work should be done when sourcing candidates for a client.  Genesis takes the time and effort to sift candidates properly to ensure they are suitable to be placed in front of the client and meet the job specification.  Likewise if somebody isn’t a complete fit but has the capability to do the job, they will discuss the candidate and highlight his/her shortfalls.  Most importantly, they maintain constant communication with the client and adhere to deadlines.


The best recommendation I can make is that I will use them again (and I have done) and I will recommend them to my business network.

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