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Hanwha Engineering & Construction

Construction of major power and petrochemical facilities on an EPC basis

We have worked with Hanwha E&C since April 2013 and continue to do so. We were contacted by the Project Director within Hanwha E&C with a specific requirement for two individuals. The project was nearing the commissioning phase and the client required a specific skillset of Mechanical and Electrical Commissioning Managers for a major power plant construction project in a remote location in the Middle East.

The main issue that made this vacancy necessary was that a delay in mobilisation of the commissioning staff would have a severe delay on the projects completion schedule. Such an issue would cause a severe delay and potential financial penalty from the client.

The required roles were a very specific nature with only few candidates capable of commissioning a large power plant. Allied with the remote and difficult location, these were challenging roles to complete.

The specific vacancy was for an Electrical Commissioning Manager and Mechanical Commissioning Manager, with the responsibility to ensure the safe and timely commissioning and commercial operation of a major power plant.

The client required a specific experience of commissioning heavy oil fired power plants for major international EPC contractors, ideally with work in remote Middle East locations. An engineering degree was essential due to visa requirements and the experience of managing large, multicultural workforces on site. The key challenge was not to source people capable to complete the job, but people who were capable and willing to consider working in a remote location on single status.

Finding the right candidate

Initially, a telephone call was coordinated with the Project Director. A recruitment plan identified and potential candidates discussed. From this, a shortlist was defined and interviews took place. Due to the immediate need for such people, the timescale had to be relatively short. Candidates were required on-site within 8-12 weeks. 

Referrals were also used. Candidates with the right skillset are generally tied up on a project basis, this means they are unable to leave a project until completion. We rely on candidates within our network to refer those they have worked with previously or have become acquainted on previous projects. A network of high calibre candidates takes many years to build.

The Interview Process

Our screening included personal and technical interview along with references from previous employers. The client conducted several interviews via telephone and Skype before package negotiation and mobilisation.

Deadlines and Challenges

Deadlines were ASAP although each candidate was required onsite at most within 12 weeks. The main challenge was the location of the project being matched with the niche skillset. This was overcome by careful candidate preparation about life in a remote area. Overall, the timescale was 10 weeks from start to finish.


Hanwha E&C had an aggressive schedule to achieve.  Genesis Associates was requested to find highly qualified candidates in a hurry.  The candidates offered were highly qualified in their respective disciplines.  It was apparent that much effort was made to screen out the unqualified candidates prior to presenting the recommended candidates.  After interviewing the candidates by Skype, they were offered the job and Genesis did an excellent job of making sure the details of the contract were ironed out smoothly.  After being hired for the positions, Genesis helped to coordinate everything from the medical checks, visa processing, and mobilization to site. The follow-up monitoring of the candidates’ performance level was another service we appreciated.  When the opportunity arises, we would certainly reach out to Genesis with expectation that they would provide us with the same level of professionalism as they have in the past.  We do not want to go out of our way to recommend Genesis, because after all, the number of good qualified people is limited in the market; we don’t want to be losing Genesis’ candidates to other EPCs.”  

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