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The best packaging of 2018

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Whether it’s festive, limited edition or everyday labels and containers, brands this year have been using their packaging to solidify their message to existing customers and attract new ones.

It’s great to see established brands being brave with their packaging and trying something new, trusting their loyal customers to buy their products.

Here’s a look at ten of our favourite packaging designs from this year:

Power Lunch

This is a great example of simple packaging that matches the brand, the company creates high quality lunches for business people, using the stereotypical suit to wrap its delicious power lunch. 

Hellstrøm Juleaquavit

A distinctive bottle of whisky created for the festive season that uses pagan, Christian and Nordic symbols to mark its simple design and tell a unique Christmas story. Drinkers can find out more detail by going online and are left with a beautiful bottle long after the whiskey has been drunk.

Cultured Caveman

Honesty can be incredibly effective when you’re trying to establish your brand as a bold player in a saturated market. The design of these natural bars of soap is no frill, no fuss and will appeal to the male audience they’re targeting. 


Good design doesn’t have to be fancy and this tomato packaging demonstrates this because it instantly appeals to people who wish to consume organic, fresh produce. Showing tomatoes that have been freshly picked, the bright colours and effective design are sure to get customers choosing this packet of tomatoes.

Monty Bojangles

Luxurious, surprising and delicious chocolates, Monty Bojangles needed packaging to reflect their exciting and bold brand. The bright colours, random cartoon and unmissbale font work together to create packaging that jumps out. Their packaging won best branding project of the year in the UK Packaging awards that we sponsored. 

Johnnie Walker, Black label

For a limited edition bottle you need to make sure it stands out and has that special touch and the Black Walker label does exactly that. The rich border highlights the history and luxurious feel of the whiskey within. 


The brand is iconic for its high quality products, especially around the festive season and their last range was no different. Capturing the childish innocence of Christmas, the packaging shows snowy scenes and cartoons that would look beautiful on any shelf.

Milk tray, Cadbury

Another iconic part of the gift-giving season is the Milk Tray and this year Cadbury decided to update their design and create something new for the Christmas season. In line with the changes made to the overall Cadbury brand, this fresh branding will appeal to a new audience. 

Tanqueray no. Ten

The brilliant green colour instantly shouts that this is a bottle of Tanqueray gin, well known for its stand out flavour. The bottle is designed to capture the spirit of the 1920s art deco period and is decadent with every touch.

MM flowers

Delicate and fragile, MM flowers wanted a way to transport their flowers without damaging them, while still retaining a sleek and elegant carrier. The packaging has holes incorporated into the design and an alternative style to other florists, which ensures the receiver knows it’s always a special delivery.

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