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Why you can’t afford to overlook Digital Asset Management

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the management of decisions and tasks relating to the control of digital assets which can be anything from fonts and logos to essential business files.

Management systems have been created to aid this process, which have enabled businesses, especially marketing or creative companies, to manage their assets and work with more efficiency.

This allows employees to download, group, archive and export any digital files that are stored within the management system from wherever they are, and upload any of their own documents too.

It is not just large companies with hundreds of employees that need digital asset management, as smaller, startup companies will see the benefit of this shared database on their business. In such a digital, connected world, where variations to suit every tablet have to be created, a DAM is essential.

Digital Asset Management benefits companies because they:

1.Save time

When everything has to be consistent with your brand, templates and other files will save time because they don’t have to be created every time you produce a campaign. Saving time doing menial administrative work, digital asset management also means that no time is wasted on duplicate marketing efforts, because freelancers or teams in other offices can see exactly what’s been done, which avoids duplication.

Because these digital assets can be organised to a granular level, 76% of people said that a DAM system makes it much easier to find files, which means they waste no time re-creating these documents that already exist.


These assets can be easily reused and repurposed for different digital platforms and this not only makes it simpler when producing campaigns but also reduces the margin for error, which means less print runs have to be done.

Having all the assets in one place, categorised for a campaign makes the process of creating the artwork to the final result much quicker, which keeps costs low and client’s happy, something that will undoubtedly boost revenue.

Similarly, having one, streamlined system in the company means you have to spend less as a business owner on different systems for every department that aren’t compatible with each other.

Almost 80% of people studied agreed that having visibility into how assets are consumed is key to using the creative spend effectively.


One of the best features about a digital asset management system is its ability to be accessed wherever you are. This means that if you operate out of different offices or have freelancers, everyone can work from the same management system.

Equally, if there’s an issue with your server or some of your data is lost, it will still be securely stored on your DAM system from which you can re-download your important documents. This data is key; 92% of people agree that marketers need this way of sharing creative assets to engage and inspire each other.

DAM systems have been proven to increase productivity by 10%, a significant figure. Given that digital asset management systems are able to save you time, reduce costs and motivate your workforce, is this really something you can afford not to have in your business.


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