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Are you looking forward to Christmas?

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So summer is here and the sun is shining, but we’re inside looking at snowmen and thinking about Christmas.

This is because to create the most striking and clever Christmas branding, you should be thinking about your design now. Whether you’re the brand looking to get help with your packaging or you’re the company working flat out until Christmas day, you need to be working together.

A beautiful, eye-catching brand may grab a bit of attention, but in order to add real value to your product and secure sales, your Christmas packaging must enhance your brand. The design you choose should connect with your USP, so if you pride yourself on quality- a cartoon Santa may not be the right fit.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year because customers are ready to spend so you can get really creative with your packaging. Whether you choose something eye-catching that people have to buy or a classic design that reassures customers about the quality of your product, you should embrace the festive spirit.


One idea to make sure that your packaging doesn’t feel out of place in February is to use a slip or sleeve. This way your product can stands out during the festive season, but is still useable once the last Christmas needle has been hovered.

Alternatively you can rebrand your product; from Cadbury buttons to Santa’s buttons or Malteser bunny to Malteser reindeer. This can be relatively simple but is most effective when you’re a bigger brand that is already well established.

When looking for a stand-out Christmas design for your packaging there are a few styles to consider:

The Cliché

Big rosy cheeked Santa Clauses, cartoon reindeers and falling snowflakes are a good way to add a bit of festive sparkle to your product. Relatively simple to do, these touches can show your brand’s personality and add a bit of fun at Christmas. 


Whether this is a few watermark snowflakes on your existing package or the outline of a holly leaf, these Christmassy touches work well with elegant, luxury brands that want to stand out without compromising their brand image. 


This is becoming increasingly popular. We are seeing nostalgia from the likes of Coca-Cola in their old Christmas advert and Fortnum and Mason’s Victorian imagery on their Christmas packaging. These images are designed to connect customers through shared experiences of Christmases gone past. 

Beautiful Design

A lot of high end brands choose to go for packaging that is almost too beautiful to throw away. Harrods packaging is one where your chocolate box soon becomes a pencil holder or a trinket box. By creating packaging that customers can use, you’re connecting with them and raising your brand profile. 

The key to any successful Christmas packaging is to look at the options and decide which style truly reflects your company.


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