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Let's buy a zoo...

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  • Victoria Hughes is a Document Solutions Specialist recruiting for over 5 years.

I spend every day of my working week helping companies improve their business by employing the best talent in the market and assisting candidates to make good career choices at the same time… What a great job, right?


Taking job requirements from each client’s individual hiring manager and really getting to grips with the desired skillset and personality, the location and overall “perfect candidate,” I work on building this picture in my mind of a unicorn.

Multiply that by how many clients I recruit for… there’s a big task in hand but, when it all goes right, I can be happy in the knowledge that I have made sure that the best decision has been made for both candidate and client.  

It’s a detailed process. Each candidate is qualified for approximately 30 minutes. We discuss their backgrounds in detail, targets, figures, sales approach, territory, previous achievements, their view on the industry, their view on certain companies, expected money, overall package, commission etc. etc. …  The list continues.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky enough to have very insightful conversations on a day to day basis with some very successful individuals and to expand my knowledge of the industry and learn about technology and market movements. This keeps my job alive.

Yet sometimes, when I find the ‘Perfect’ candidate, the client loves them and they love the client, there’s been three stage of interviews, the client has offered exactly what the candidate has insinuated they are looking for,  everything aligns - even the stars- I’ve put my forecast up, my director is planning his bonus, I’m hit with:

“I’ve decided to stay where I am.”

A lot of people like the comfort zone of knowing what they know and what feels familiar; their colleagues, their office and yes, even their commute to work.

But what if….

‘We bought a zoo’?


Not literally, but you know the film? In it, Matt Damon meets his wife by mustering up strength for a mere 20 seconds of courage to talk to her, despite being a complete nervous wreck before and after and then later on in the film he plucks up those same 20 seconds of courage and buys a zoo. Had he never taken those 20 seconds to step outside of his comfort zone, he never would have met the love of his life nor bought the zoo which made him and his children so happy. There are examples of this in real life too- Brian Cox turned down Game Of Thrones because he didn’t think it would pay enough money… We can all see his mistake there!

Yes, changing jobs, companies and sometimes location can be daunting BUT you had that thought for a reason. Take a step into those 20 seconds of courage more often and see what happens. By using 20 seconds to do something you normally would have avoided or saying YES when you normally say NO three amazing things happen:

  1. If it doesn’t work out, you become more resilient. You quickly learn the world didn’t end and you are more likely to try new things in the future because failure wasn’t that bad!
  2. If it DOES work out, your life is now better as a result of your targeted bravery. A relationship, a new job, a new hobby, lifelong friend, are all often results of a single decision made by somebody. This is you taking action rather than waiting for fate to intervene.
  3. You NEVER have to wonder “what if?” when thinking about what could have been had you done that thing! As Mark Zuckerburg said, “in a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

So… speak to me if you want to buy a zoo!

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